Are you a coach, healer or service provider and would like to start your online business, but don’t know how?

I can help you to grow and scale your online business, even if you start from zero. 😎🙊

I know the struggles… two years ago I started as a Coach and had no idea what I was doing. 🙈
I felt stressed, lost and insecure. But that is not a surprise, because there are literally hundreds of tools and strategies out there.
And everybody thinks they need a website or ads to start a business… But spoiler alert: To this date I dont use either of them, and already make four to five figure months. 😆
“But wait a minute… Who are you???”

Hey! I am Lukas. I originally come from Italy and have also lived in Canada, South Korea and Austria. Currently I am based in Bali and Switzerland and I show coaches how they can successfully get started online to live a free and financially independent life. ✨


I used to work for one of the world’s best consulting firms… until I went through a spiritual awakening and realized that life has MORE to offer. I myself have already achieved five-figure sales in online coaching by leveraging my 50k Tiktok account and 2.5k email subscribers. 🚀


My recipe for success: The combination of methods & mindset – and pizza as a reward.

With my signature program “STARTING STRONG” I show you how you can build the basics of your scalable online business in 7 weeks. I also offer one-to-one coaching sessions if you have specific challenges you want to work on. 🎉🎉🎉

Petra Bürge Coach for people with heightened perception

The energy in the live calls and Lukas' crystal clear step-by-step instructions were my highlights. I recommend Lukas to anyone who wants to finally "get out there", leave the matrix and start their soul business. Lukas knows what he is talking about.

Galit Spiritual ascension coach

I booked Lukas because I am creating a new spiritual business and really needed help. His coaching gives you practical steps to help build and market your business and is exactly what I needed to make my business successful. I definitely recommend Lukas for any business owner.

Stefanie Selflove Coach

The honest feedback and mindset work that I received were gold. I have learned that I can just do it. The video instructions help a lot. Lukas' coaching is for anyone who wants MORE out of life and wants better income and more free time.

Tamara HR & Leadership Coach

The structured online course platform and group energy are great. You not only get mindset work, but also technical and psychological hacks for business. This is the ideal way to start if you don't know where to begin. Thank you Lukas!

“You leave the shore of safety, even though you were perfectly okay, in a way.

Only one thing was missing: Adventure.”


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